Drhotdeal was established by consumer electronic fanatics and am overzealous in our commitment to provide everyone with heart pounding deals and superior quality items. We only sell items we would proudly show our friends the deal and the quality we got for our money.
Tax Policy
Ship in 2 business days.
Please email or call for RMA request. All items within 14 days are eligible for return/exchange/refund.
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This is Richard Huang from DrHotDeal, the owner and founder since 2007. We have been an active seller and it has been a pleasure to grow and mature along the way with Like many online retail companies, we started the business in our garage, printing and packing every single order, driving to the post office and dropping it off when things just got started. It is with this humble beginning that allows us to continue staying nimble and efficient as we grow, and as always, appreciate every order we receive from our customers.

DrHotDeal's focus has always been about doing the shopping homework for our customers. Since the inception of the company, we have always had a dedicated professional searching for the most popular in-demand gadgets and accessories. That one professional has since grown into a dedicated team across two countries and three geographic locations, committed to finding the most popular products to offer our customers.

Just having the products that would appeal to our customers was never enough. We continue to study and ensure we're able to provide our customers with the HOTtest deals, make efficient and timely deliveries, and strive to ensure customer service is always beyond expectation. Only when our customers are "wowed" by the entire purchasing experience, we can finally feel comfortable putting that "Dr" on our "HotDeals".